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How to Optimize JUKI SMT Placer
How to Optimize JUKI SMT Placer
High-speed compact modular JUKI SMT pick and place machine, JUKI mounter, JUKI SMT placer with high flexibility.
The numerical control program of each device is optimized to make the JUKI pick and place machine meet these conditions as much as possible in the production process, so as to achieve the highest speed of mounting and reduce the mounting time of the equipment. The optimization principle depends on the structure of the device. Some principles may conflict when optimizing the program, and these principles were taken into consideration when choosing the best optimization solution. Optimization software can be used for load distribution and equipment optimization. Optimization software includes equipment optimization programs and production line balancing software. The equipment optimization program is mainly optimized for the configuration and feeding of the installation program. After obtaining the component BOM list and cad data, the mounting program and feeder configuration table can be generated. The optimization program will optimize the movement path of the machine head and the configuration of the feeder to minimize the moving distance of the machine head. Save time. Production line balancing software is an effective tool for optimizing the entire production line. The optimization software uses a certain optimization algorithm. At present, the optimization software has certain intelligence, which can complete the optimization process faster and better.
The above is the related optimization of the SMT placement machine equipment.
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