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JUKI | High Speed Placement
JUKI | High Speed Placement
High reliability modular JUKI chip shooter, JUKI placement, JUKI pick & place machine with high professional SMT solutions to form high speed, flexible production line.
JUKI Pick and Place Machine
The high efficiency of large high-speed placement machines or high-speed small placement machines for high-speed placement machines is very effective. In fact, we all know that relatively high output values must remain high for long periods of time if the equipment is in good condition. If it is an unstable device, no matter how long the output is, it will not be good. If you say a stable device, then only a small high-speed pick and place machine has an advantage. Initial investment to increase production is only an advantage of large equipment. The concept of two high-speed machines is a different concept. Choose more equipment or finish according to actual production volume and product requirements.
JUKI Placement
The high-speed SMT pick and place machine can be of any type. The structure is: turret type, composite type and large parallel type. The range of mountable components is usually small. The mountable components are generally 0.4mm × 0.2mm ~ 24mm × 24mm, and the height of the components is generally the highest. It is 6.5 mm. Some high-speed heads can be installed at a height of 5mm X 5mm, and the height of the component can reach 3mm.
Although the high-speed placement machine achieves ultra-fast placement speed in placement technology, this comes at the cost of placement accuracy and functionality. Therefore, high-speed placement machines have advantages, but also have disadvantages. It is recommended that when purchasing a placement machine, it is best to choose a suitable placement machine according to the needs of the enterprise.
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