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High-speed SMT Chip Mounter Trends
High-speed SMT Chip Mounter Trends
SMT production line machine high speed JUKI pick and place, JUKI chip shooter, JUKI LED pick and place machine, for PCB assembly line.
JUKI Pick and Place Machine
High-efficiency dual-channel conveyor structure The new type pick and place machine is developing towards a high-efficiency dual-channel conveyor structure in order to improve production efficiency faster and reduce working time. On the basis of retaining the performance of the traditional single-channel placement machine, the JUKI placement machine's dual-channel placement machine designs the PCB's transportation, positioning, detection, and placement as a two-way structure. The working mode of this two-way structure placement machine, JUKI placement machine, can be divided into synchronous mode and asynchronous mode. The JUKI placement machine synchronous method is to send two PCBs of the same size from the two-way track to the mounting area synchronously for placement, and the JUKI placement machine asynchronous method is to send different sizes of PCB to the mounting area separately. Both of these working methods can shorten the invalid working time of the automatic placement machine, and the JUKI placement machine improves the production efficiency of the machine.

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