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JUKI Chip Shooter Placement Head
JUKI Chip Shooter Placement Head
SMT-JUKI surface mount technology system, high speed JUKI chip shooterJUKI PCB chip shooter, JUKI placement for flexible SMD production line.
The pick and place machine placement head is a key part of the SMT PCB pick and place machine used in SMT processing. After picking up the component, it can automatically correct the position under the control of the correction system and accurately place the component to the specified position. The release of the placement head is a sign of the progress of the placement machine. SMD heads have evolved from early single-head, mechanical calibration to multi-head optical calibration, greatly improving the efficiency of PCBA processing. The type of placement head is as follows
1. Fixed single head
2. Fixed multi-head
3. Rotating multi-head
A. Horizontal rotation / turret type
This type of placement head is more common in placement machines made by Panasonic, Sanyo, and Fuji.
B. Vertical rotation / turntable type
4. Combined patch head
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