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JUKI SMT Chip Mounter Workflow
JUKI SMT Chip Mounter Workflow
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JUKI Chip Mounter
Board In and Mark Recognition-> Automatic Learning-> Nozzle Selection-> Feeder Selection-> Component Picking-> Component Inspection for Evaluation-> Mounting-> Nozzle Homing-> Board Out
Detailed explanation:
1. The PCB board to be mounted enters the work area and is fixed at a predetermined position,
2. The component material is installed in the feeder, and is installed to the position of the JUKI SMT pick and place machine's pick-up head according to the position set in the program.
3. The JUKI chip mounter head will move to the position of picking up the component, open the vacuum, the suction nozzle is lowered to suck the component, and then the vacuum sensor is used to detect whether the component is sucked.
JUKI SMT Chip Mounter
4. Perform component identification, compare the component characteristics of the read component library with the components picked up. If the results are not met after the comparison and evaluation, the components are thrown into the waste box. If the comparative evaluation meets, the center position and angle of the component are calculated.
5. According to the setting in the JUKI JUKI chip mounter program, adjust the rotation angle of the component through the Z axis of the placement head, and move the placement head to the position set by the program through the placement head, so that the center of the component coincides with the PCB mounting position.
6. The nozzle of the JUKI chip mounter will drop to the height set by the program, turn off the vacuum, and the component falls, and the component placement operation is completed.
7. After the components are all mounted, the nozzle is placed in place and the PCB board is transferred to the set position. Complete the entire PCB board placement operation.
The above is the workflow of JUKI chip mounter.
 JUKI Chip Mounter Video