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The Importance of JUKI Pick & Place Machine in PCB Production
The Importance of JUKI Pick & Place Machine in PCB Production
The JUKI pick & place machine is the best choice for equipment and also the most critical. JUKI pick & place machine PCB is a system engineering, it is a comprehensive technology covering a wide range of fields. The choice of PCB, design specifications, production process, repair method, choice of equipment process and manufacturing of JUKI pick and place machine are all examples. We must think and study it seriously. Which equipment configuration and production process are the same.
JUKI Pick and Place Machine
Since the general production process of the SMT pick and place machine includes solder paste printing, placement and reflow soldering, a complete PCB production line must be formed, which must include the equipment used to implement the above process steps: printing machine, JUKI placement machine and Reflow oven. In particular, equipment often accounts for more than 70% of the entire production line investment, so the selection of JUKI placement machine is the most critical.
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