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The Complete Workflow of JUKI SMT Pick and Place Machine
The Complete Workflow of JUKI SMT Pick and Place Machine
High quality JUKI SMT pick and place machine, automatic SMD chip mounter, PCB chip shooter, for smart factory.
JUKI Pick and Place Machine
1. The PCB board ready for mounting enters the conveyor belt and is transported to the mounting area through the conveyor belt, ready for mounting.
2. When running to the placement position, the SMT placement machine sensor detects the position of the PCB, and the current PCB board stays at the position to be placed, reinforced and clamped to prevent it from moving.
3. The optical positioning system of the SMT placement machine (Mark point) starts to work to detect whether the current PCB board is in the specified position, if it is the next step, if it is not adjusted according to the coordinate system.
4. The components in the packaged feeder are transported to the designated position according to the position parameters set by the system.
5. The suction nozzle of the SMT placement machine will work and pick up components according to the orientation set by the system.
6. The system detects whether the suction nozzle has normally sucked the component through the vacuum pressure sensor or the photoelectric sensor.
7. Use the optical sensor or camera to detect the height of the Z axis, (the height of the vertical position) and determine whether the component is sucked according to the feature of the component. If not, re-absorb it.
8. According to the setting of the program, rotate and adjust the X axis and Y axis of the component to coincide with the center point, and the nozzle of the SMT placement machine is officially placed.

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