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How to Mount the Product with JUKI SMT Pick and Place Machine
How to Mount the Product with JUKI SMT Pick and Place Machine
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The most critical and complex equipment in SMT placement processing is the pick and place machine. The chip mounter quality of the placement machine directly affects the electrical performance of the electronic product or the quality stability of the electronic product. Therefore, you must Attention, how can the pick n place machine mount a good quality product?
A. The components placed by the chip mounting machine must be correct
In the placement work of the SMD placement machine, it is required that the component type, model, nominal value, polarity and other characteristic marks of each feeder must meet the requirements of the product assembly drawing and schedule, and cannot be pasted in the wrong position .
B. The placement of the pick and place machine must be accurate
1. The ends or pins of the components should be aligned and centered with the land pattern as much as possible, and ensure that the solder end of the component contacts the solder paste pattern accurately. The vision of the placement machine must be opened to the angled IC, diode, etc. The recognition system, through the component correction in the visual recognition of the placement machine, accurately pastes the components on the PCB board;
2. The component mounting position must meet the process requirements.
C. The pressure (patch height) of the SMT chip mounter should be appropriate
The placement pressure of the placement machine is equivalent to the z-axis height of the suction nozzle, and its height should be appropriate. If the mounting pressure is too small, the solder ends or pins of the components float on the surface of the solder paste, and the solder paste cannot stick to the components, and it is prone to position shifts during transfer and reflow soldering. In addition, if the height of the Z axis is too high, the component will be dropped from a high place during the placement process, which will cause the placement of the placement to shift. If the pressure of the patch is too high, the amount of solder paste squeezed out is too much, it is easy to cause the solder paste to stick, and it is easy to cause bridging during reflow soldering. At the same time, the position of the patch will be shifted due to sliding, and the components will be damaged in severe cases.
The above three points are inseparable if you want to make good electronic products. The layman looks very complicated. In fact, as long as you operate according to the PCB chip shooter manufacturer's instructions, there is no problem. The placement machine manufacturer will also provide customers with professional training. As long as the placement processing company arranges one or two operators to study carefully and implement the methods taught by the manufacturer, it will be no problem to post high-precision products.
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