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PMAXII Screen-Printing Solution JUKI


Screen-Printing Solution

JUKI Screen-Printing Solution - PMAXII



Large scale printers such as the PMAXII from JUKI made by GKG are designed for three-shift operation and a long service life with low maintenance requirements. The machine table and squeegee carrier are cast, not welded. Therefore guaranteeing high torsion resistance and ensuring the print accuracy will remain unchanged for years. JUKI’s PMAXII handles large circuit boards of sizes up to 1,220 × 800 mm and has notably specialised on LED-applications.


Long-Lasting Accuracy

The machine table and squeegee carrier are cast, not welded, therefore guaranteeing a high torsion resistance and the print accuracy will remain unchanged for years.

High Flexibility

PMAXII and JUKI Pick and Place machines as well as JUKI Reflow Soldering Ovens enable needs-based, individual SMT line solutions.

Optimised Operation and Maintenance

Straightforward Windows-based operator software enables fast initial training and swift programme creation. A programme change takes about two minutes while a new programme compilation is completed within approximately ten minutes. Large covers and service doors allow for easy access to all assemblies throughout the whole process.

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