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RV-2 Solder Paste Inspection JUKI


Solder Paste Inspection

JUKI Inspection Solution - RV-2

i3D Measuring Principle – Light from all Sides

RV-2 SPI forgoes delicate and expensive projector technology. Instead it uses the principle of photometric stereo technique. With quick sequential light exposure from different angles and image capturing, the printed circuit board is measured three-dimensionally. If required, the durable illumination unit can be replaced at a reasonable price.

Accurate Detection of Solder Bridges

In contrary to other systems, the RV-2 measures a reference height for each individual pad. For this purpose a small section around the pad is observed. Resulting in an accurately defined level that constitutes the correct reference for the solder depot height measurement. In case of an incorrect height reference, the solder paste below this level would no longer be measured. Solder bridges remaining undetected.



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