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Solder Paste Inspection RV-2-3DHL JUKI SMT/

RV-2-3DHL * NEW*

Optical Inspection / Solder Paste Inspection

JUKI Inspection Solution - RV-2

PCB handling and transport

PCB Size (L × W) min. 50 × 50 mm / max. 650 × 590 mm
PCB Weight max. 7.0 kg


Measurement System

Camera System 12 MPix
Measuring Principle p3D (DLP projector)
Measurement Resolution 12 µm / pixel (standard) / 5 µm / pixel (high resolution)
Field of View (FOV) 48 × 36 mm (standard) / 20 × 15 mm (High resolution)
Image Processing Speed 0.51 s / FOV

Machine Properties and Dimensions

Dimensions (L × W × H) 940 × 1800 × 1530 mm
Weight 1,250 kg

PC and Software

Operating System Windows 7, 64 bit
Interfaces SMEMA, OK / NG, USB, Ethernet

Operating Requirements

Power Supply 380 V, three phases
Compressed Air 5 bar
Ambient Conditions 15 – 30° C, 30 – 65 % RH

Standards (selection)

AWC, code recognition on PCB, true zero measurement reference, automatic calibration

Available Options and Accessories (selection)

Closed-Loop with screen paste printer, grid tools for supporting the PCB, TOPSS connection for remote analysis, long board option


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