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How To Keep Self-Discipline
How To Keep Self-Discipline
We always said we will keep self-discipline,we will have a healthy body.But we can't never stick reading,running,fitness,stady...
We always make some target in the begin of the year.but at the end of the year,we find we don't finish everything.
So what's wrong with us.Somebody just say i was very busy everyday,so that i don't have enough time to reading books.Or the gymnasium is far from home,it is approx. 2 kilometers,i need go to bed early today.We have many many excuse to us.
I read a book named "Micro habits".This is a good book.Beacuse everybody can use this method to become keep self-discipline,and finish our target.
For example,I want to keep reading everyday.So i give me target is that i will reading a book at least 1 page.This is a very easy target,i can do it everyday.Before i reading,i don't have any pressure or excuse.Meanwhile,i give me another target,it's fitness everyday.I can fitness everyday because my target is do 3 push-ups and 
I use this method two years,and i become more focused.So i want to spare to my colleagues and friends.We can do everything better,no more excuse.