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What's is SMT Placement Chip Mounter
What's is Placement Chip Mounter
JUKI Placement
The SMT placement machine is a commonly used device for placing components. The placement machine can be said to be the most advanced in the entire SMT production and plays a key role.
In the SMT production line, the placement machine can be described as the main equipment, in fact, the development speed is also very fast, from the early low-speed placement machine to the current optical placement machine, versatile and flexible connection, to meet the modern processing needs.
JUKI Pick and Place Machine
1. The placement machine is a machine that attaches a single electronic chip component to a PCB board. It can be generally divided into a high-speed machine and a general-purpose machine. The high-speed machine is a small component mounted, and the speed is very fast. The general-purpose machine is a placement. Larger components. It is mainly controlled by PT or other computer, which means that it is similar to remote control. All operations of the machine are controlled by computer.
2. Also known as "SMT equipment", "placement machine", "Surface Mount System" (Surface Mount System), in the production line, it is placed behind the dispenser or screen printing machine, by moving the placement head Surface mount components accurately place a device on a PCB pad. Divided into manual and fully automatic.
The automatic placement machine is used to realize high-speed, high-precision automatic placement of components, and is the most critical and complex equipment in the entire SMT production. The placement machine is the main equipment in the SMT production line. The placement machine has evolved from an early low-speed mechanical placement machine to a high-speed optical centering placement machine, and has evolved into a modular and flexible connection.
There are many manufacturers of placement machines, and there are many types. The placement machine is classified as follows:
By speed:
Medium speed placement machine
High speed placement machine
Ultra high speed placement machine
Features: 40,000 pieces / h or more, using a rotating multi-head system. The Assembleo-FCM and FUJI-QP-132 placement machines are equipped with 16 placement heads with a patch speed of 96,000/h and 127,000/h, respectively.
By function:
High speed / super high speed placement machine
Features: mainly based on patch components, patch devices are not many varieties.
Multi-function placement machine
Features: Can mount large devices and special-shaped devices.
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